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Massive HD Videos to Watch Online For Free - 8000H Introduce

Blockbusters, high-definition genuine movies to watch online for free!


  • The latestpopular VIP resources are updated ,simultaneouslyand you can watch them for free on this site 5 to 30 minutes afterthe official version is launched;
  • 200,000+ domestic and foreign movies, TV series, variety shows, and animations, we have everything you can’t find on Baidu here!
  • Among the top ten line video sources, there is always one suitable for you to open instantly!
  • Powerful search function, you can find everything you can't think of!
  • You don’t need to install the APP to enjoy a movie-watching experience comparable to that of an APP client.
  • Fully supports all devices and more than ten mainstream resolution ratios.
  • Supported systems: web, iOS, Android, iPad, Mac, Windows..
  • Supports casting to TV for viewing


  • The oversized movie poster creates an immersive movie-watching experience and is highly visual impact.
  • The ultimate website design and front-end experience have been highly praised by many peers.
  • Improve the movie-watching experience, lower the website level, and eliminate the need for intermediate pages such as movie introductions to jump again.
  • Switching between movie sources and selections like QQ friends makes it easier to operate.

APP client-level mobile experience

  • The ultimate website design and front-end interactive experience have been highly praised by many peers!
  • Super large movie poster with great visual impact!
  • With fewer jump paths, try to allow every click to watch the movie directly, and reduce intermediate pages such as movie introductions!
  • Access using Chrome on PC or Android Domain name of this website  www.8000h.com   There is also "Install Application"Easter eggsWaiting for you to experience.

Immersive movie viewing experience

  • NewImmersive movie viewing experience,After the official version is launched,5~30 minutesYou can watch it for free on this site;
  • Continuously add high-quality lines and video sources for you to switch, with clear picture quality and smooth playback;
  • The selection mode like QQ friend list is simpler and easier to use;
  • Videos are mainly divided into MovieTV dramacartoonvariety show..
  • The film and television classification is refined and complete, the content filtering function is powerful, and the search function is simple without losing the presentation of key content!

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